Terms And Conditions

Terms An  Con itions

These terms  n  con itions (“Agreement”) set forth the gener l terms  n  con itions of your use of the <  href="https://cryptic  k.com/">cryptic  k.com website (“Website” or “Service”)  n   ny of its rel te  pro ucts  n  services (collectively, “Services”). This Agreement is leg lly bin ing between you (“User”, “you” or “your”)  n  this Website oper tor (“Oper tor”, “we”, “us” or “our”). By  ccessing  n  using the Website  n  Services, you  cknowle ge th t you h ve re  , un erstoo ,  n   gree to be boun  by the terms of this Agreement. If you  re entering into this Agreement on beh lf of   business or other leg l entity, you represent th t you h ve the  uthority to bin  such entity to this Agreement, in which c se the terms “User”, “you” or “your” sh ll refer to such entity. If you  o not h ve such  uthority, or if you  o not  gree with the terms of this Agreement, you must not  ccept this Agreement  n  m y not  ccess  n  use the Website  n  Services. You  cknowle ge th t this Agreement is   contr ct between you  n  the Oper tor, even though it is electronic  n  is not physic lly signe  by you,  n  it governs your use of the Website  n  Services.

Although the Website  n  Services m y link to other resources (such  s websites, mobile  pplic tions, etc.), we  re not,  irectly or in irectly, implying  ny  pprov l,  ssoci tion, sponsorship, en orsement, or  ffili tion with  ny linke  resource, unless specific lly st te  herein. We  re not responsible for ex mining or ev lu ting,  n  we  o not w rr nt the offerings of,  ny businesses or in ivi u ls or the content of their resources. We  o not  ssume  ny responsibility or li bility for the  ctions, pro ucts, services,  n  content of  ny other thir  p rties. You shoul  c refully review the leg l st tements  n  other con itions of use of  ny resource which you  ccess through   link on the Website  n  Services. Your linking to  ny other off-site resources is  t your own risk.

Limit tion of li bility

To the fullest extent permitte  by  pplic ble l w, in no event will the Oper tor, its  ffili tes,  irectors, officers, employees,  gents, suppliers, or licensors be li ble to  ny person for  ny in irect, inci ent l, speci l, punitive, cover, or consequenti l   m ges (inclu ing, without limit tion,   m ges for lost profits, revenue, s les, goo will, use of the content, imp ct on <  cl ss="wpil keywor  link " title="business" href="https:// nyxv.pro/business/"   t -wpil-keywor -link="linke ">business, business interruption, loss of  nticip te  s vings, loss of business opportunity) however c use , un er  ny theory of li bility, inclu ing, without limit tion, contr ct, tort, w rr nty, bre ch of st tutory  uty, negligence or otherwise, even if the li ble p rty h s been   vise   s to the possibility of such   m ges or coul  h ve foreseen such   m ges. To the m ximum extent permitte  by  pplic ble l w, the  ggreg te li bility of the Oper tor  n  its  ffili tes, officers, employees,  gents, suppliers,  n  licensors rel ting to the services will be limite  to  n  mount gre ter th n one  oll r or  ny  mounts  ctu lly p i  in c sh by you to the Oper tor for the prior one month perio  prior to the first event or occurrence giving rise to such li bility. The limit tions  n  exclusions  lso  pply if this reme y  oes not fully compens te you for  ny losses or f ils of its essenti l purpose.

Ch nges  n   men ments

We reserve the right to mo ify this Agreement or its terms rel ting to the Website  n  Services  t  ny time, effective upon posting of  n up  te  version of this Agreement on the Website. When we  o, we will revise the up  te    te  t the bottom of this p ge. Continue  use of the Website  n  Services  fter  ny such ch nges sh ll constitute your consent to such ch nges. 

Accept nce of these terms

You  cknowle ge th t you h ve re   this Agreement  n   gree to  ll its terms  n  con itions. By  ccessing  n  using the Website  n  Services you  gree to be boun  by this Agreement. If you  o not  gree to  bi e by the terms of this Agreement, you  re not  uthorize  to  ccess or use the Website  n  Services.

Cont cting us

If you woul  like to cont ct us to un erst n  more  bout this Agreement or wish to cont ct us concerning  ny m tter rel ting to it, you m y sen   n em il to <  href="https://cryptic  k.com/">  min@cryptic  k.com

This  ocument w s l st up  te  on June 27, 202 

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