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Who we  re

Suggeste  text: Our website    ress is: <  href="https://cryptic">https://cryptic


Suggeste  text: When visitors le ve comments on the site we collect the   t  shown in the comments form,  n   lso the visitor’s IP    ress  n  browser user  gent string to help sp m  etection.

An  nonymize  string cre te  from your em il    ress ( lso c lle    h sh) m y be provi e  to the Gr v t r service to see if you  re using it. The Gr v t r service priv cy policy is  v il ble here: https:// utom cy/. After  pprov l of your comment, your profile picture is visible to the public in the context of your comment.

Me i 

Suggeste  text: If you uplo   im ges to the website, you shoul   voi  uplo  ing im ges with embe  e  loc tion   t  (EXIF GPS) inclu e . Visitors to the website c n  ownlo    n  extr ct  ny loc tion   t  from im ges on the website.


Suggeste  text: If you le ve   comment on our site you m y opt-in to s ving your n me, em il    ress  n  website in cookies. These  re for your convenience so th t you  o not h ve to fill in your  et ils  g in when you le ve  nother comment. These cookies will l st for one ye r.

If you visit our login p ge, we will set   tempor ry cookie to  etermine if your browser  ccepts cookies. This cookie cont ins no person l   t   n  is  isc r e  when you close your browser.

When you log in, we will  lso set up sever l cookies to s ve your login <  cl ss="wpil keywor  link " title="inform tion" href="https:// tion/"   t -wpil-keywor -link="linke ">inform tion  n  your screen  ispl y choices. Login cookies l st for two   ys,  n  screen options cookies l st for   ye r. If you select “Remember Me”, your login will persist for two weeks. If you log out of your  ccount, the login cookies will be remove .

If you e it or publish  n  rticle,  n    ition l cookie will be s ve  in your browser. This cookie inclu es no person l   t   n  simply in ic tes the post ID of the  rticle you just e ite . It expires  fter     y.

Embe  e  content from other websites

Suggeste  text: Articles on this site m y inclu e embe  e  content (e.g. vi eos, im ges,  rticles, etc.). Embe  e  content from other websites beh ves in the ex ct s me w y  s if the visitor h s visite  the other website.

These websites m y collect   t   bout you, use cookies, embe     ition l thir -p rty tr cking,  n  monitor your inter ction with th t embe  e  content, inclu ing tr cking your inter ction with the embe  e  content if you h ve  n  ccount  n   re logge  in to th t website.

Who we sh re your   t  with

Suggeste  text: If you request   p sswor  reset, your IP    ress will be inclu e  in the reset em il.

How long we ret in your   t 

Suggeste  text: If you le ve   comment, the comment  n  its met   t   re ret ine  in efinitely. This is so we c n recognize  n   pprove  ny follow-up comments  utom tic lly inste   of hol ing them in   mo er tion queue.

For users th t register on our website (if  ny), we  lso store the person l inform tion they provi e in their user profile. All users c n see, e it, or  elete their person l inform tion  t  ny time (except they c nnot ch nge their usern me). Website   ministr tors c n  lso see  n  e it th t inform tion.

Wh t rights you h ve over your   t 

Suggeste  text: If you h ve  n  ccount on this site, or h ve left comments, you c n request to receive  n exporte  file of the person l   t  we hol   bout you, inclu ing  ny   t  you h ve provi e  to us. You c n  lso request th t we er se  ny person l   t  we hol   bout you. This  oes not inclu e  ny   t  we  re oblige  to keep for   ministr tive, leg l, or security purposes.

Where we sen  your   t 

Suggeste  text: Visitor comments m y be checke  through  n  utom te  sp m  etection service.